Access a Jupyter Kernel inside WSL from a JupyterLab installation running on windows.

TLDR: It is possible to run only the kernel component of a JupyterLab installation inside Windows Subsystem for Linux, while the JupyterLab server runs on Windows. Conda made installing Python on Windows easy. All fight-like experiences from the past are gone and by using different environments the whole dependency troubles are also solved. One issue still exists, that a package is only available for Linux (and perhaps OS X), often due to compatibility of the project with a linux-like system only.

Reconfigurable frequency coding of triggered single photons in the telecom C–band

Poster presented at the Summerschool ( on Quantum devices for non-classical light generation and manipulation in Erice, October 2019. The results were presented at EQEP, Rome 2018 Changes 2019-10-04: This post was first published 2019-05-10: Paper published

matplotlib - multiple legend styles in an entry

In a current project, I had to create a lot of plots. In one plot type, several lines should be connected with the same text entry in the legend. To implement this I looked around the internet and stumbled upon a StackOverflow answer from 2015. It guided me to implement a solution, that worked better for my use-case.

The result can be seen in the plot below.