Strain-Tunable Quantum Integrated Photonics


Semiconductor quantum dots are crucial parts of the photonic quantum technology toolbox because they show excellent single-photon emission properties in addition to their potential as solid-state qubits. Recently, there has been an increasing effort to deterministically integrate single semiconductor quantum dots into complex photonic circuits. Despite rapid progress in the field, it remains challenging to manipulate the optical properties of waveguide-integrated quantum emitters in a deterministic, reversible, and nonintrusive manner. Here we demonstrate a new class of hybrid quantum photonic circuits combining III−V semiconductors, silicon nitride, and piezoelectric crystals. Using a combination of bottom-up, top-down, and nanomanipulation techniques, we realize strain tuning of a selected, waveguideintegrated, quantum emitter and a planar integrated optical resonator. Our findings are an important step toward realizing reconfigurable quantum-integrated photonics, with full control over the quantum sources and the photonic circuit.

In Nanoletters 2018, 18, 7969−7976